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Why should I become an Usborne Consultant?

If you are looking to help children one book at a time then you will LOVE being an Usborne Consultant. Reading is SO important for our children’s future — and luckily, these books make it FUN! Selling books for Usborne is a truly unique opportunity where the amount of money you generate is based on the amount of time you put into your business. Not only do you promote literacy and learning, earn extra income, but you can also get free books just for hosting your own party! Sounds great so far, right?

Facts about being an Usborne Consultant:

Work from home

Work around your/your kids schedule

Easy to promote

Cash Bonuses

FREE books for your children

Help other families/organizations get FREE books

Meet new people

Have 24/7 help and support from other Consultants

Commission and New Consultant Incentives

Base Commission for Selling Usborne Books

  • Internet Sales: 25%
  • Home Shows: 25%
  • Book Fairs: 17-20%
  • Booth Events: 25% gross profit
  • Cards for a Cause Fundraiser: 17% on net
  • Reach For The Sky Programs: 17%- 35% profit
  • Direct Sales to Schools/Libraries: 17-25%

Usborne Books & More is not just about earning an extra income and getting a bunch of free stuff. Usborne is about helping others reach their goals along with developing meaningful and educational books for children of all ages. Becoming an Usborne Consultant allows you to impact families in a positive way while achieving your very own success story.

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