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How I Became An Usborne Books Consultant

Usborne Books Consultant Samantha Adams

Hello! My name is Samantha Adams and I am an Independent Usborne Books Consultant for Usborne Books & More! I am a stay at home mom with two young children ages 4 years old and 8 months old. Wanting to raise my children to be involved in reading, I decided to jump on this great opportunity. Not only have my children loved every single book that comes through the door, they actually want to read! I also own my own party decor business and have an active Etsy store, where I currently make invitations for clients who have events. Running the party décor and Etsy store are great but they really don’t compare to being an Independent Consultant through Usborne Books and More!

I stumbled upon Usborne Books when a friend invited me to an Usborne Facebook party back in March 2015. She briefly told me about the books and the company, so I thought I’d go to her party and see for myself what Usborne was all about. Attending the party I didn’t know what I was getting myself into for I had never even been to a Facebook party. It was actually pretty neat! I instantly fell in LOVE with the books AND the company! Not only could I earn FREE books and great discounts by being an Usborne Books Consultant, but you get to promote literacy and education to children of ALL ages! How great is that?! I thought that was so amazing and decided to join and become an Usborne Books Consultant!

Usborne Books and More Mission Statement: “The future of our world depends on the education of our children. Usborne Books and More delivers educational excellence one book at a time. We provide economic opportunity while fostering strong family values. We touch the lives of children for a lifetime.”

This mission statement defines and describes the overall purpose of our company. It is about what we do, who it is done for and why we do it. The mission statement provides lenses as which we can peer as we move forward as we make decisions which will affect the future of our company. It should also be used as a ‘base’ to come back to if we feel if we have gone off course.

Since signing up in March 2015, I have met so many fun and outgoing people through Usborne Books & More! I have reached out to schools and organizations, to help them earn FREE books for their children. Knowing your helping a child is an amazing feeling and that’s my job! To top it all off, my children are benefiting from me being an Usborne Books Consultant as well! They have never been disappointed at the books that come through the door. I love seeing their little faces light up when they open a new book.