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Host A FaceBOOK Party And Earn FREE BOOKS

Hosting a FaceBOOK party is as easy as 1,2,3!

Would you like to earn FREE books by hosting an Usborne FaceBOOK party? Here’s how it all works. Book a party with me and I will begin coaching you on how to get your list of invites. I will send you a quick video to watch on what the job of a host/hostess entails. Then I will send you a quick message to individually send to your Facebook friends and family. Once you have reached 25+ people who accepted your invite I will create your event page. That’s it! I do the rest! I make it completely easy for you, we have a blast the night of your party, I give away prizes and YOU get FREE books! The minimum to get in sales during your party to get free books is $85 to get the minimum of $15 in FREE books. The more sales you earn, the more in FREE AND DISCOUNTED books you receive! How neat is that?

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