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Getting Started with Usborne Books

Why build a career with Usborne Books?

Whether you’re interested in earning extra money, running your very own business with flexible hours or your love for books, Usborne Books & More offers these opportunities and more when you sign up as a consultant!


Earn Extra Money!

Usborne has an amazing opportunity for you to earn an extra income or grow your new business into a full time work from home job. Earning extra money can be great for many reasons such as paying bills around the house, go on dates with your spouse, taking multiple family trips a year and more!

I know that being a stay at home mom is rough when it comes to finances but it is also VERY wonderful! You get to stay at home, watch your kids grow as they take on new milestones in life. With my husband being the only one working, we never had any extra money for the things listed above. Every two weeks, he would get paid, and we pay bills and that’s it. Now that I have my own business through Usborne Books & More, I am able to help my husband by paying all of our utilities AND car payment.

Before joining Usborne Books & More my husband and I weren’t able to go on any dates because of our finances. Usborne Books & More has helped us greatly by giving us the extra income to put aside money for dates. Now multiple times a month we are able to get away for a few hours while we enjoy each other’s company. Whether it’s to a dinner and a movie or bowling, we now can spend more time with each other and have that time to relax.

It is truly a great opportunity having the financial strength to be able to show my kids different states and things while traveling and having that bonding time as a family is so heartwarming. Prior to joining the last family trip we took was 5 years prior. It took us that long to be able to save up enough to take a family road trip. Being a Consultant at Usborne Books & More has enabled us to take 3-4 trips in one whole year! We are now able to visit family out of state more often and explore new territory with our children. The children enjoy every trip and it makes my heart melt watching them fill up with excitement.


Have Fun and Meet New People!

There are many ways to have fun and meet new people while working as an Usborne Consultant. Hosting home shows or Facebook parties is a great way to meet new people while making great friends and co-workers along the way. When you join Usborne, you will be added to two Facebook group pages full of Usborne Consultants around the United States who are there to help and support you anytime you need it. Your Team Leader is also there to guide you to help make your business a success!

You will also meet new people through running book fairs, book drive, booth events, fundraisers and my personal favorite, Usborne Convention!

Every year Usborne throws a National Convention held in Tulsa, Oklahoma where consultants from all over the United States are welcome to come and join in the fun. Not only are you presented with a UBAM t-shirt and $100 in New Titles but you will come face to face with some of Usborne’s legends such as Peter Usborne the founder of Usborne Books & More.  You will also get to meet everyone behind the Usborne Books & More Home Office. Everyone that makes it possible for consultants to spread literacy and learning including CEO Randall White attends Convention. Usborne Convention is an excellent place to get AMAZING training on your business, and meet team members you haven’t met in person yet. While you’re there you can relax and unwind with fun dinners and dances. Afterwards, be the first to get your hands on NEW TITLES that are released during Convention and access to the great DISCOUNTS of 75% off and more at the More Store, get stage recognition and so much more!


Enjoy New Books!

Discover our amazing titles and earn free and deeply discounted books for your children through hosting parties. It is imperative that your child has new books just as often as they need new clothes. Usborne Books are high in quality, interactive and educational.

The thick binding with strong glue and thick hard back enables your child to get rough with their books. It takes a lot for a child to simply destroy a book due to the fact that it’s binding is put together like a library book. We know that kids can be rough at times and that’s ok! We have a Lifetime 50% replacement policy meaning at any given time after the book is purchased, you can have your books replaced for half the price you originally paid for it! Isn’t that great?!

We have many different books for every child of every age out there. Lift the Flap Books, Shine A Light Books, Touchy Feely Books, Sticker Books, Activity Books, Baby Finger Trail books, Peek Inside, Puzzle Books, Pull Back/Wind Up Books and more makes these books VERY interactive. Lift the Flap enables your child to open the flap for a surprise hidden underneath each illustration. Your child will need a flashlight to find the hidden images in each page with our Shine A Light Books. Touchy Feely, Finger trail and Peek Insides help your child’s developing sense of touch with textures on every page to feel. Putting the little toy on the track is a great way to help them develop fine motor skills with our Pull Back/Wind Up Books.

Even if the child is playing with a book that is NOT about a school subject, Usborne finds a way to still make it educational. They are constantly learning whether they know it or not. Whether they are just reading, or learning shape or colors they are helping the human brain grown. That’s why reading to your children is such a great way to help their attention span.


Help Motivate Children to Read!

Usborne books are geared toward making reading fun while teaching children about animals, their body, math, letters, words and so much more! Our interactive books will engage your child in reading through fun and entertaining activities inside. For instance, our Lift the Flap books use parts of the book that lift up and show more information on the illustration. Our touchy feely books are great for toddlers and babies hands. As their sense of touch develops these cute books help the child determine different textures.  Our pull back and wind up books are great for children still developing their motor skills. We have an excellent variety of Beginner Reader books for children learning how to read.  Our wipe clean books are excellent for penmanship and writing their first letters and numbers. We have a ton of books geared for every child in ANY and ALL age range. Usborne books are highly imaginative and magical by bringing your child’s upmost personality to life! Usborne’s high quality in books and amazing illustrations help bring the story to life.


Before I discuss how to become a consultant, I wanted to give you a little bit of history and background on Usborne Books & More. Also, I will tell you about the benefits of becoming an Usborne Books & More Consultant and what a consultant does.


Usborne Books & More is a division of Educational Development Corporation a company that operates as a trade publisher of children’s books publisher Usborne Publishing (Usborne). Usborne the company also owns Kane Miller Publishers, a well-known publisher of international kid’s books. Usborne operates in the U.K. and was founded by Peter Usborne in 1973. Randall White is the Executive and CEO of EDC and UBAM that’s based in the U.S.  Usborne USA is comprised of two divisions. UBAM (Usborne Books & More) distributes books in the U.S. through independent consultants (you), while EDC is the sole distributor of books to bookstores and other retail outlets. Usborne and Kane Miller books are some of the most exciting and engaging books on the market today, with close to 2000 colorful and fun titles covering a wide variety of subjects.

Benefits of an Usborne Consultant

Some of the benefits of an Usborne Consultant will include being able to work from home and watch your children grow, added income for you and your family, great incentives such as bonuses and vacations, receiving deeply discounted and free books, spreading literacy to children everywhere and so much more…

One of my favorite parts about being a consultant is having the ability to work from home and spend time with my family throughout the day. In fact, this is largely why I chose to become an Usborne Consultant. I love being able to work from home and the flexibility of being able to choose what hours I work. I am able to take my kids to school, run errands, grocery shop and have family time. For those with a husband/wife that works odd hours or weekends, you have the ability to take off on the same days to spend time with each other.

Another benefit of joining as a Consultant is the extra income you can earn. Being an Usborne Consultant is great whether you want to provide for your family, have some extra cash or you’re just in it for the great discounts on books. Personally I look forward to the extra income and deeply discounted books I receive.

Bonuses! Who doesn’t love bonuses? On top of the money you’ll already be making there is the added incentive of a bonus. In your first 12 weeks you can earn up to $100 in cash for reaching your own goals! If you promote to Team Leader after your 12 weeks is up, you can earn $300 in cash JUST for promoting! There are also trips to be earned! In the past Usborne has went to Ireland, on a cruise to the Caribbean’s,  and Disney World. How great is that?! Who wouldn’t want to earn a free family trip?

The most important part of being an Usborne Consultant is spreading literacy in children. With the age of the internet and electronic gadgets it’s easy to forget the importance of reading books. Reading books keeps your child focused so that their attention span grows. Another great reason why reading is good for your child is because they will gain a higher aptitude for learning. Children who are exposed to books and reading before preschool will do better academically later down the road. Reading will also help with their speech development. As they are learning language and enunciation, listening to you read will help them hear the basic sounds that form a language. Building a strong relationship between you and your child is a benefactor you get from reading to them at a young age. Being that little one’s are always so antsy, this will be a great way for them to sit and cuddle with you. They will develop more logical thinking skills as they start to compare scenarios in their stories to real life.


Getting Started

To get started all you need to do is choose one of the kits below or click join at the top of your screen and purchase one of the two Consultant Kits available. The Mini Consultant Kit consists of 10 books, business supplies, and a 6 month subscription to your personal consultant site through Usborne. If you’re looking to get started with a little more we have the Big Consultant Kit that comes with 20 books, business supplies and a 6 month subscription to your personal site. All kits come with FREE shipping and our NEWEST titles!

Once the kit of your choice is purchased, I will add you as a friend on Facebook and introduce myself and respond to any additional questions you may have. I will also add you to two Facebook groups full of Usborne Consultants around the U.S. who are there to help and support you whenever you need it.

Shortly after joining my team, I will send you an email with training material to get you started. Once you have finished the attached worksheet I will show you how your new Usborne website works and answer any other questions you may have.

Most importantly, don’t get overwhelmed and frustrated at all of the new material you’ll be receiving. Along with myself and everyone at Usborne is here to help you succeed and reach whatever goals you may have. Below you will find some frequently asked questions you may have before getting started.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How much is the websites after the 6 months is up?
A. You will have two sites you will have to purchase after the 6 month subscription from your kit ends. The one site is your e-commerce site where your guests purchase books from. That is $12.99 for 3 months. The second site you will need to close out your parties is $1.13 a month. Do not let the sites scare you, you will make WAYYY OVER that in 6 months.

Q. What if I don’t sell anything?
A. Everyone loves our product because it is educational and for our children. It is very hard NOT to sell anything, even if it’s one book! But if you don’t that is ok. I will do everything I can to brainstorm different ways to sell. Nothing happens if you don’t sell. You are considered an active consultant for one whole year after your start date.

Q. Is there a monthly minimum to maintain? If so, what is it to stay active?
A. There are NO monthly minimums to maintain as a consultant. You will stay active for one whole year after your start date. It doesn’t matter if you sell $25.00 or $2,500 in a year, you will stay active.

Q. Do you just have Facebook parties? If not, what are other ways to sell?
A. We as Consultants can have a Facebook party, home show, Book Fair, Booth Event, Book Drive, Fundraiser and so much more! There are many different ways to sell. To be able to set up a book fair through a school or library you must be an Educational Consultant.

Q. What is an Educational Consultant and how do I become one?
A. An Educational Consultant is a consultant that deals JUST with schools and libraries. Being an Educational Consultant should be treated as a whole other business separate from your Independent Consultant business. You work towards getting whole schools and libraries free books instead of mommies from home shows. To become an Educational Consultant, you can purchase the EC kit from your website shortly after you join. The kit is $30 and comes with catalogs ad flyers to present to schools and libraries. After purchasing the kit, you will have to take a test but don’t worry. The test is really easy and can only be taken twice. Once you pass, you will get a certificate stating you are now an Educational Consultant. From then on, you can broaden your business venture.



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