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Book Nooks!

My family and I just moved into a new house (thanks to Usborne!) and my husband (Dan) and I have been talking about book nooks! With the library we have constantly growing monthly, I wanted the kids to have a comfortable place in the house to relax and enjoy a good Usborne Book in. The front room of our house is supposed to be the formal dining room but with me needing of an office space PLUS a space for the kids library, we have decided to put a book nook in there! We also have a smaller dining area that will fit a table for four. I pulled some ideas off of Pinterest and LOVED all three of them! I don’t know where to begin! When it comes to the seating or laying, it HAS to be SUPER COMFY like you’re sitting on a cloud! I LOVE the idea of the hanging lights to give it that warm glow at night but LOVE the bay window seating for that natural lighting during the day! It is VERY important to have lot’s of light when reading day or night as it can cause a strain on your eyes. I am definitely thinking of going with the hot air balloon/Usborne Theme! Lot’s of light and lot’s of color will make it cheerful and kid friendly when in the mood to read their next adventure! Do you have a book nook in your home? Tell me what it looks like!


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