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First, I want to tell you a little about myself and my background. I am a stay at home mom with two children, which can be a full time job in itself and a Husband who works full-time. After my first child was born I was starting to go stir crazy and wanted to get out of the house for a little while. So, I decided to try out our local ceramics department. I quickly found out that I had a creative side to me and absolutely loved making ceramic decorations for around the house.

However, I had a desire to make an extra income for me and my family.  So, I started selling digital invites on Etsy that I designed in Photoshop. I was starting to make a little bit of the income, but $10 or $12 here and there wasn’t the goal I had in mind. I wanted to make a steady income that our family could rely on week after week. After failing to earn a steady income from digital invites I decided on my next venture. I started making party decorations with my silhouette cameo. I had finally found my niche and was bringing in enough income from the two that I could consider myself a legitimate work from home mom. Everything was going great, but I quickly began to find out just how time consuming the two businesses together could be. I found myself spending more and more time working on projects and less and less time with my family.

One day a friend messaged me on Facebook and wanted me to join in on a party event she was hosting. She told me she was hosting the party to earn some free books for her kids. I told her I would go and buy a few books to go towards earning her free books. During the party they told me about Usborne Books and More and I was shown some of their book titles. After learning about the books and the company, I instantly fell in love with both. When the party ended my friend asked me if I would like to host a party and get some free books for my children. I was a little skeptical at first but eventually I told her yes. So, she introduced me to the consultant that helped her host the party and we set a date on when I could host my very own Facebook party. The day of my party finally came around and I was very nervous, but the consultant walked me through every step and made everything easy! I absolutely fell in love with the whole experience!

In fact, I was so excited about the books and how I could earn commission by selling an excellent product that I found myself wanting to join. I contacted the consultant that had helped me host the Facebook party about joining. I told her my story and how much I wanted to succeed as a work at home mom only to find out she was also a stay at home mom. She told me more about Usborne Books and how successful she had been just by selling books at Facebook parties. I was sold. I had to join.

The next day I decided on joining Usborne Books and More. For only $69, I purchased the consultant kit which included 6 or 7 stories for kids, catalogs, order forms, all the supplies I could possibly need, and my very own consultant web site. In the next few days I began showing friends and family the different books that Usborne had to offer and encouraged them to book a Facebook party with me so they could earn free books for their children just as I did. Everyone was excited and I even had a few of my friends interested in joining. In fact, I was so successful in my first few parties that I got a full refund on my consultant kit along with my first success kit. Soon after the excitement wore off. I was quickly running out of friends that wanted to host Facebook parties. I was beginning to feel like Usborne may not be the opportunity I was looking for… Instead of giving up, I was looking for new ways to host parties through Usborne while constantly receiving encouragement from my team leader that I could do this. So, I started strategizing on what I could do to bring in a steady stream of parties.

I came up with a solution on how I could get Facebook parties and a constant income without ever leaving the house! With my secret you can book an entire month of Facebook parties. I have 2 to 3 parties a night and I get another 2 or 3 bookings from the parties I have. In just a few months I was able to recruit more consultants and generate enough sales to become a Team Leader. I encourage everyone to download my FREE guide on how you can work from home as an Usborne Consultant.

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